Elf Greatsword feels bad

Looking at breakpoints for Legend, I feel Greatsword should do slightly more damage on light attacks and have higher headshot damage for its heavy. As of now it. it can never one-shot a Stormvermin, even with HM’s +15% damage and 3 properties. Seems a bit harsh.

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Push them twice then stab them in the head. They are considered staggered while their guard is broken so 1 head shot should do it.

I agree. While I love my niche push-em-till-they-die-of-concussion build, it’s basically the only viable use for the sword, and it deserves better then that. About 10% more on the stab (for BP’s), and about 20% more on the heavy followup (for non-head DPS dealing) and light sweeps (for obvious reasons) should be about right.

Yeah it’s hard to see why one would use it instead of Glaive outside aesthetics and wanting variation.

I’ll try to elaborate on the topic first, just so the reader knows where am I going to with my points.

Aside from being objectively the worst non-shield weapon in the game, maybe. It had low dodge range/count and uncancellable attacks of a heavy weapon, but with abysmal cleave and stagger of a mediocre light weapon and low headshot potential on light attacks. No, it was not “solid” by any stretch of imagination.

No, enemies got re-introduced the tracking bug from game’s open BETA. Except now, even attacks that can not potentially track you, sometimes do (even animation doesn’t support it, but you still get hit. Not a network problem). Run circles around Rasknitt for a bit, the sight of him shooting warp lightning out of his ass is worth witnessing.

It got changed lately, I will discuss it a bit further.

So, now to the main topic.

I played a good chunk of the game with greatsword, even after it got buffed (they made light attacks cancellable, tho windows of input are pretty inconvenient), and I would say - it’s as good of a weapon as the rest of the mediocre melee options in this cursed update. Which means, you have to sacrifice a lot for it to work, but it eventually will. (So, definetly an upgrade from what it was in 1.6)

The only career that allows to properly use the weapon is Handmaiden: put 10% AS into gear, +15% AS into talents. Swift Slaying with her crit and native +20% crit chance on push attack is basically activated on command, netting you nearly one and a half of your normal attack speed. This makes her heavy attacks really low-commitment moves that have some good true cleave followup options, which comes along well with overall need to fight defensively and dish your damage out quickly after the game’s 2.0 downgrade.

But then again, Handmaiden is a niche choise, because a team in this update has to have either good ranged options, or good boss killing power: both of other Kerillian careers specialise in one of these perks, while HM has neither. And you are pretty much forced to use dual wield weapons on her “good” careers, because they are the most defensive and fast to complement the (cough hagbane cough) bow, as well as do the most damage on Stalk attacks. You can decimate the horde in seconds while retaining good defensive mechanisms (dodge and ult), but you have to over-rely on your team to deal with bosses and special spam. Is it fun? Absolutely. Is it effective? Not by a long shot.

I hope this rant of mine helps to shed some light on Kerillian’s state right now, because that’s what Fatshark is gonna leave us at. It doesn’t seem like they are about to start treating their players like actual people or fix anything in this abortion of a game any time soon.

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