Easy anti cheat crashing my pc

A few days ago I tried playing vermintide 2 and the game would start and I would get to the boot up screen then my PC would freeze and then crash. And then it gets stuck in a boot loop. I have uninstalled and installed windows, steam, vermintide 3 times still same result. I have tried every fix I could find still nothing. Other games work just fine including dead by daylight which also uses easy anti cheat. I am at a loss and I have spent 16 hours plus trying to resolve this problem. Please help.

Out of interest, what lead you to believe this is specifically Easy Anti-Cheat crashing your PC?

To me it sounds like more of a driver or hardware instability. If Dead By Daylight works as expected, I don’t believe this is related to Easy Anti-Cheat.

Have a look in the Windows Event Viewer (under ‘Windows Logs’ > ‘System’) to see if there’s any useful information regarding your PC crashes.

Now I am getting this error

You may be right but I am not super smart with PC stuff. Something with distrubetedCOM

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