Dust is still a problem

Converting blue dust in green one is just a ‘‘diversion’’, not a solution… blue items, that need green and blue dust for to change the perk, still give us only blue dust when melted. They should give us both… otherwise, at least, 10 blue dust should give 20 green dust.

Dust is a mid game problem for players rolling for perfect stats on orange weapons. Getting more dust is not going to fix it. End game does not really use it at all.

I’ve re-rolled a reasonable amount on orange stuff for better than average stuff but really it was a waste of time.

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I have like 1900 blue and 600 green maybe 500 orange dust. It’s worthless at some point. Re rolling over and over just doesn’t do it. Better to spend the time in legend earning reds. The rate definitely feels like it has improved to me, I get a red per 3 to 5 games depending on win rate.

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