Downloading the game again and verifying the integrity of the game cannot solve the problem

GUID: ad36971d-8270-44db-8d7a-c39d419065c2 Log File: Info Type: ----------------------------------



As this is a persistent issue for you, I recommend looking here. We see this problem often when a RAM issue is involved, or if you’re running inconsistent RAM speeds:

Tried all the solutions given and the problem still hasn’t been solved. Hope to get it resolved soon.

It’s been a week and this problem will still come up 100%.

GUID: 45c9dc6b-bb8f-4adb-a0de-67c3d9af1384
Log File:
Info Type:


Sorry to hear this. We have implemented logging for errors of this nature to help us identify the underlying cause, but we still don’t know enough at this point. In the mean time, would you like me to help with a refund?