DOT damage rework

Right now DOT damage a player can make is the same for every type: Poison, Burn, Bleed. It’s a slacking design because there can be so much more interesting mechanics
I’d say make the three slightly different, there’s a small rework:

  • all three DOT types goes through armor. I mean, it deals as many dmg to an armored target as to infantry type. (Because if you bleed, poisoned or set on fire, it doesn’t matter whether there’s a piece of metal on your chest, right? metal doesn’t cure poison or stops bleeding, it only reduces incoming impact of a direct attack).
  • all three DOT types are not affected by stagger value (it doesn’t matter if you burn when on your feet or on your back, or if you’re poisoned. When off balance you can not effectively reflect blows or your most vulnerable parts are exposed, so you take increased damage from hits, yes. But you burn and bleed all the same) but apply a small stagger effect (If you’re set on fire and seared, or poisoned and feel sick, or bloodless and exhausted, you’re weak, can not effectively protect yourself and therefore take increased damage)
  • Poison DOT starts as high value and decreases with time (it can be the same overall value, just reassigned between ticks) i.e. “poison cures”. It can also stack.
  • Burn DOT starts as a small value and increases with time (again, the same value in total, just reassigned). i.e. “burn spreads” does not stack
  • Bleed DOT is calculated based not on the fixed value but on the amount of a target’s total health (not max health)
    it takes up to 27% of the target’s current heath (3 ticks by 9% each) based on the hero power. It does not stack and the value is lower on targets with low health. For example, bosses and CW’s would loose more health then a clan rat. But as the target looses health, the bleed damage also decreases (because there’s no blood left to spill). Bleed minimum value is 1% with each tick. If a target is below 5% of its max health bleed instantly kills it.

Bleed also does not stack with similar bleeding effects from other heroes, so it’s not an attack and rather a state or an effect a target is set to. So it only applies the bleeding effect that was first and it will apply another after the first bleed is stopped.

Monsters resist to bleeding and therefore only take up to 9% with each bleeding effect. So it would not make bleeding a new anti-boss meta

Maybe I am over-complicating things and it can be done with less math that can bug the hell out of the game. But I still feel like it should be:

  • Poison dot decreases with time
  • Burn dot increases with time
  • Bleed dot is not a fixed value but it based on a target’s health.
  • DOT is the same for armored and unarmored targets
  • DOT isn’t affected by stagger value but applies a small stagger effect.
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It’d be nice if they mechanically interacted in different ways i.e, poison slows movement/tracking, bleed weakens enemies attack damage, fire has a chance to panic.

This would make them feel different outside of the DoT.


Morale break in a warhammer game!? How novel…
These suggestions are starting to sound like Tower Defense

Some kind of rework would be nice. Bleed would make sense to be affected by stagger; imagine you’re bleeding so severely it will cause you massive harm or even kill you. Then imagine you brutally get shoved on your butt. I really think your rate of bleeding might increase.

Poison would be cool if it slowed down enemies - maybe lesser tracking is harder to pull off, who knows how buggy it could get - but just a slow seems reasonable.

Fire . . . I dunno, fire could just be the straight DoT status. It is the easiest to apply, given that most of Sienna’s weapons can do it, and there’s also fire bombs and oil cannisters.

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