Does Saltzpyre think Drachenfels is a myth, or that he is an actual person?

In Vermintide 2’s ‘The Curse of Drachenfels’ DLC maps dialogue, Saltzpyre believes that Drachenfels is just a myth according to dialogue between Saltz and the other characters: Character Conversations - Vermintide 2 Wiki.

However, in Vermintide 1’s Drachenfels DLC maps, the characters talk about Drachenfels as if he was real and Saltzpyre does not correct them. Video of V1 Drachenfels DLC dialogue: Vermintide: lines & dialogue - Saltzpyre in Drachenfels DLC - YouTube

V1 Saltzpyre himself talks about Drachenfels as if he was real. In the V1 Castle Drachenfels map, Saltzpyre describes Drachenfels as a “most depraved fiend” and that “He may be dead and gone but his spirit lingers.”

Another dialogue by Saltzpyre in that part is; “- the Poison Feast. Another entry in Drachenfels’ long list of atrocities.

Is there an explanation for the apparent discrepancies in how Saltzpyre views Drachenfels between Vermintide 1 and 2? Does Saltzpyre think Drachenfels is a myth, or that he is an actual person?


Thank you for this thread, I have been wondering about it since I first played it. It’s the only thing that’s been bugging me in an otherwise fantastic DLC. I really hope we will get devs’ answer to this.

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A possible lore explanation I can think of is that (if we take Witch Hunter Captain career to be the canon path) that he’s toeing an official line more in this instance, and that official line is that Drachenfels did not exist.


A friend of mine suggested it might be that he’s really on edge after all the visions he’s had since VT1, and his angry denial is a way to boost his courage, so to speak. It’s not a bad guess, per se.