Character conversations: Keep conversations are all about Drachenfels

One of the great features of Vermintide 1 and 2 is the banter going on between characters.

While in the keep, you usually had a bunch of different voice lines about many subjects. A lot of them expanding on the backstory of the characters.

However, now it seems like the characters can only talk about how they don’t want to talk about Drachenfels.

Lohner asks each of them “what happened?” and they each say “don’t want to talk about it” over and over again. It’s not any better with other players around: in addition to Lohner, now they talk together about how they should never mention it again.

Worse: the voice lines are triggered even if you never did the final part of The Curse of Drachenfels. So you, as a player, don’t even know what they are talking about (the voice talking to them about their past and desires).

For something they don’t want to talk about, it is mentioned way too often. I wish I could hear about something else than Drachenfels.

I can’t say when this started, because I just came back to Vermintide 2 after taking a long break from playing it. So, I only have 3 days of characters whining about Drachenfels. However, that’s already too much.


A little addition: I left the game on the first menu screen while browsing a webpage and, after about a minute, I heard Lohner asking “Kerillian, what about that last sojourn in Castle Drachenfels?”.

I’m not even loaded in the keep and he’s already asking.

If you switch character and stay on the menu for a while (don’t press “Play”!), it will trigger Lohner’s voice line for that character as well.

Also, is it normal for Lohner’s voice to be heard when a menu like the inventory is opened but not the voice of the character replying to him?

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Not to mention that the characters respond before the other person has even finished what they’re saying, making it sound incredibly awkward. The new Engineer specific dialogue seems to be working, but maybe it’s also overwriting older dialogue like the Drachenfels-talk is.

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