Does Pyromancer feels Unique-less, compared to Unchained and Battle Wizard?

After couple of days playtesting WoM changes (not gonna debate about general issues or good things about this patch), as a Sienna-focused player, I really enjoyed most of her changes for Battle Wizard and Unchained.

But what i’ve noticed - while both Unchained and Battle Wizard provides unique gameplay feelings (playing around with Overheat and some interesting tank-style interactions as Unchained, or Igniting enemies with BW and trying to balance the overheat with Tranquility), Pyro is basically just focused around Crits and ranged damage, which is fine, yes, but…well… there are no interesting combinations or interactions. It is cool to see how 1 fireball can blow up Boss’s Health Bar with drastic damage, but there are no interesting features or interactions within her talents.

Before Patch, with pyro you could run in Ranged Only style, controlling overheat with no overheat on crit Staff + venting it with Burning Head’s talent (and + grim venting speed increase). That was maybe overpowered, but sure unique way to play.

Maybe i am wrong and i am not seeing a new way to play Pyro, but right now, at least for me, Pyro is really boring and trivial

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I miss having the one row where the talents ramp up based on how much overcharge you have, that gave Pyromancer part of her identity. Only One with the Flame (Critical Mass also increases attack speed by 2% per 6 overcharge and stacks up to 5 times.) acts like that now :confused:

Don’t get me wrong, things like Deathly Dissipation and The Volans Doctrine are great new additions, but then you have things like On the Precipice or Spirit Casting which are impractical. And Ride the Fire Wind is plain inconsistent and thereby annoying if you want to use the power to meet actual breakpoints, which is what power is generally used for in this game. You can’t just choose not to shoot an enemy about to maul your ally, so the benefit of it is really inconsistent compared to stacking power properties.

I’d like to have one line of her talents dedicated to talents that are based on your OC level again.

Also I’d like to see Exhaust replaced with something that has new functionality, as Bonded Flame already covers the venting niche (and lets you vent several times vs Exhaust’s one vent). And I kinda miss Burning Twins (ult fires two skulls instead of one) from the previous betas, it was cooler than Blazing Echo thematically while fulfilling basically the same niche (not that Blazing Echo is bad, it’s great on high crit).

THP on crit/HS would also make sense thematically, perhaps in the place of Spark Smith?

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tfw everyone kept saying they wanted thp on ult back, but didn’t specify they wanted to get rid of exhaust so FS junked the 1 pyro talent everyone actually liked :rofl:

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40+ crit and 40+ attack speed, no longer slowed by overcharge, new Pyro is 100 times stronger than old one also in melee.


And now she’s just a worse UC instead of the earlier Ranged DPS.

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Yeah, I’m thinking getting Swift Slaying, +10% AS and +10% Crit on gear (get the Crit on melee and ranged), then take Spirit-Binding, Martial Study, One with Flame, The Volans Doctrine and Blazing Echo, then remain on high OC where possible and puke out ults where needed while meleeing with your insane AS would be a way to go.

I am not saying that Pyro weak, just…boring. Basically, its now only +% to stats talents, with 0 interesting mechanics, like Unchained Living Bomb. Why she even got that melee boosts, if she is Ranged|Crit based career. She can deal huge amount of damage, thats true, but the WAY she deals that damage is extra boring. I want interesting talents, that would tweak the way game is played.

Pyro is a career, that( at least as I see FS tries to show us) focused to be on the edge of the maximum overheat. There are boosts for that, but there are no proper venting, that would keep you on Critical Overheat long enough.

Also, not to mention, as a Ranged-focused career, her ranged, lets call it, ammunition, is the worst, compared to the others, as other careers got proper control over the overheat venting, while Pyro got only 2 ways to vent in talents, 1 of it punishes Pyro Gameplay (vent with Burning Skull, other one prevents heating(which is good) BUT only when you getting a killing blow on Special, hoping that some woodelgi wont steal it.)

I think, to better show Pyro style, they should change 1 horizontal line of talents to increase the Critical Overheat size(so you can be on critical overheat more) in different ways (For example, 20% size of critical overheat increase, but if you are Overheating for more than 10 secs, you are setting on fire, receiving 1 damage every 5 secs, stacking up to 5 stacks(1 stack every 5-10 secs after initial self-igniting)(numbers are rough, just to show the example of idea)

Actually, that’s exactly what we suggested. Many times.

We also said Blazing Echo was crap and Burning twins was awesome.

So, yeah.

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Is my RNG bad or can you only get 2 burning skulls at most with Blazing Echo? Even with very high crit chance it wont go past 2

Now and before 2.0 you play like that:

Venitng from HP
Shooting agsin
Use ultimate for temp HP
Venting again

That was before. Now they add spam after special kill. And dont forget new talent “dont slow at overcharge”. So she is even better now.

Pyro is about nonstop shooting with a high critchance.
BW is about CC and aoe Dot damage.
UC is about meele and tanking.(but with 20-2 natural bond and temp HP on ult she can shoot nonstop too )

Venting from burning head vents you once. With temp HP on burning head u can full vent 3-4 times. With boon you can vent to full about 5 times for that temp HP.

I just dont like fireball anymore becouse it deals insane ammount of FF damage.


Some changes I would suggest for Pyromancer:

Lv.5 Talents

  • Nothing to note here. Works as intended.

Lv.10 Talents

Ride The Fire Wind

  • I do understand the concept behind this. However, in actual gameplay, it’s rather unreliable to say the least. If you’re going to make this skill appealing, then what you could do is that the stacks will not go below 10%, and the max stacks that can be achieved is only up until 15% every 2s.

10% ~ 15% and +1% stack every 2s that fluctuates up and down will make this skill worth taking imho.


  • This would be a great skill to have, but it doesn’t work with THP. That means your green HP must be above 80% for this to work. If your green HP is below 80% (say, a sliver of HP) and the rest of your HP bar is THP, then the skill won’t work. This is very hard to pull off, especially when you consider that fact that you will NEED to vent a LOT when using Pyromancer. If Fatshark changes the restrictive nature of this skill (ex: it will work with THP), then this is a win.

Lv.15 Talents

Enhanced Power

  • Make this 10% increased Power across all classes for all characters, and this would probably be worth taking. For now, avoid this.

Lv.20 Talents

One With The Flames

  • I would LOVE for this skill to be replaced with Critical Mass (pre-WOM talent), as that skill synergies with Pyromancer’s kit very well.

Lv.25 Talents

Soul Siphon

  • Pyromancer class is squishy. 10% less damage is nothing imho. Would be great if you can replace this with reduced cooldown by 10% for every special killed.

Lv.30 Talents

  • Nothing to note here. Would love that 2x Burning Skull back though.
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Spirit casting does work with THP now.

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I think you need to spend some time messing around with pyro more. On the precipice is very, very good if paired with the removal of slowdown on overheat. you constantly stay in red for the 15% power and no slowdown. 3x Fireball then vent. Also, your melee is wildly strong with this build, giving you insane elite killing ability. Conversely, you can run the no overheat on special kill paired with Damage Reduction and become an absolute spam bot. The amount of spamming you can do with Pyro is completely unique to the class. It is a damage beast. A good pyro player can easily top damage, elite kills, special kills, and boss damage. None of the other wiz classes can do that. BW has weak melee and UC ranged is weak in comparison.

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I think the argument is that pyromancer has lost a bit of her identity, not that pyromancer is weaker.

Edit: It used to be 15% in the beta, which meant it was always the best choice. You have to keep in mind it’s an increase to overall damage (and not merely the stagger damage bonus as the other talents are) it’s much more competitive with them than it looks. It also affects ranged.

To demonstrate, here’s a link to the quick testing @BizarreSalp did. There might be newer numbers somewhere, I can’t recall where.

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Why? It was nonstop crit fireball machine and now she is the same.

I can’t speak for the OP, but for me it’s the lack of a whole tier of talents that scale based on your overcharge level. Only One with the Flame does that now, the power increase one (On the Precipice) could’ve been an opportunity to have another talent that works like that.

Other than that I’m happy with the new talents.

This I have to test next time I’ll play. Thanks!

Actually its opposite.

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