Does FS Approve of the Decode Helper Mod?

I’d much prefer an actual statement you can link to me, as it would be nice to imagine they would give their playerbase a warning about certain mods before issuing bans. I’m just not sure that would actually be the case.


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That’s a lot better than nothing. I don’t like the idea of having to enable notifications on their discord to find out if a ban is incoming. Hopefully they will disable the mod on their end and I would then have to go out of my way to get the mod to work again, making me liable for a ban. I’ll take what I can get I suppose.

My guess is that any announcement would be alongside a patch, since a new version disables mods, and people who mod the game are ones who tend to read the patch notes (comprehension notwithstanding).

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My only concern would be if I mod the game, stop playing for a number of months, a patch rolls in that bans a mod, and upon launching the game I receive a ban as the file is in my mod folder. Obviously a new patch would break the mod, but I don’t know if their cheat detection software would care that I have a non-functioning old version of the mod in my game files. I don’t think much can be done about it from my end other than hoping that players won’t be banned for having out of date once-legal mod files in their mod folder. Oh well.

Curious why FatShark would enable a hook in to that particular part of the game in the first place?

I’m not a modder. I’ve not looked at any code base. But how bizarre to allow 3rd party mods to connect to the mini game component. I mean; why?

I’m pretty surprised all round at the freedom and depth of access generally; e.g. web access to shop, loading screen access to all components of the mourningstar (though that is a great qol addition), health bars in game, player outlines, etc. etc.

My take.

Having installed the decode helper mod out of curiosity, I’m of the opinion it is a cheat. Yeah. I’ve uninstalled it as it is an obvious advantage, however small. Do I care if someone else uses it, no, absolutely not. It’s a trivial addition and will not detract from my game whatsoever.

But having read the T&Cs - actually, the scoreboard mod is far more likely to fall foul of this policy! (" Toxic behaviors reported as an indirect result of using mods. "). No one will know if you’ve the decode helper so pffft. Admittedly, i’ve never seen a post-game scoreboard comment either so I guess for me that’s also a good indication.

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What a sickening amount of concern trolling and nitpicking in this thread. Yuck.

This mod really is a non-issue, it’s as clear as day. Assuming you haven’t lost touch with reality and common sense.


What are you smoking?

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These are the basic interfaces on which the game functions. FatShark isn’t explicitly allowing or disallowing mods from anything. Mods simply have access to the same interfaces as a player, but can access them in a programmatic way. It’s fundamentally necessary that the player (and therefore mods) have access to play the game.

“clear as day” when it conflicts with the guidelines given by FS. Nice one.

How is any of this concern trolling when it’s literally the only discussion active on mod guidelines? Lmao.

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