Does anyone know if blunderbass do less DMG in beta?

because I have a feeling that it does less damage. And I wont be suprised that FS nerfed it silently.

I saw comments somewhere, possibly Reddit, that its spread was increased. That would indirectly affect its damage as larger spread causes less pellets to hit a particular enemy. Personally, I’m not certain if that would be a particularly good or bad thing, as it didn’t feel overpowered but was certainly the most versatile of Bardin’s ranged weapons, and quite strong against anything not designated a Monster or Lord.

Could you add any more fail to these 2 posts:

  1. It’s called a blunderbuss (with a “U”)
  2. The blunderbuss is a weapon only Marcus Kruber can use.

Hmm… I thought I made a sensible answer before. Oh, well. It seems now that the spread change meant to target Bounty Hunter’s Career skill affected Blunderbuss and Grudgeraker too, increasing their spread. Hopefully the exact reason is caught and fixed before live release.

here it is

Accidental nerf – will be reverted. Details here.

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