Does anyone else suspect enemies phase through them in melee?

As the title says, I’m starting to believe they can slip right through you. I’ve had several seemingly phase through, because I get the ‘ghost’ view and get hit from behind a moment or two later, even though I have someone behind me watching the rear. They might have let one through, sure, but with the ‘phasing through’ view of an enemy model, the same you get with a player, I’m starting to wonder…


It happens when playing ogryn. Enemies can phase into you and literally hit you from the inside. Due to his size they’re sometimes impossible to see unless you look down or move a bit.

Yes. I’ve seen It many times

Yep all the time. IMO if you can’t walk through enemeies they shouldn’t be able to walk through you.

Happens a lot to me as Ogryn yeah. They will be inside my model and hitting me.