Does anyone else have problems navigating the Workshop?

When I open the workshop front page I get this:

If I check anything but QoL I get “No items matching your search criteria were found.”

It’s nothing that needs to be fixed or anything I just wanted the newly sanctioned Persistent Ammo Counter mod and stumbled across it.

Also subbing while having the launcher open seems to freeze it. :thinking:

Nvm the problem just vanished.
It was quite consistent over multiple browsers.

Happened to me as well, but worked itself out after like 5 minutes

It comes and goes as it pleases for me at the moment. So it’s probably a steam side issue.

Someone in one of the discords said the workshop was down for maintenance. It seemed to be only affecting EU people. The NA’s on my legend discord all said they could access it no problem.

Why not join the Fatshark Discord