Do you guys think we'll ever get a new staff?

i don’t mean something like an AR type but something like the one we have in vermintide that charges and launches a ball of damage at an enemy wouldn’t be too bad. we have 3 staves that shoot balls (as far as i can remember anyway) we also have a lightning staff and a fire staff, but a grenade launcher type staff or a staff that just deals a large amount of single target damage after a set amount of time charging and gaining peril would be kinda cool!


I’d love a staff that works like bolt staff from verm



I want staff that shoots lightning like in Deathhulk, that will be awesome


It’s quite likely, while there were leaked names of some they aren’t considered new weapons but variants in the files


I assume that’s just the naming scheme, like how Lorenz weapons for Ogryns are just ‘its a big break open’ and not a single group of marks. All the other staves follow it atm, with 2 being ‘equinox force staff’. Plus it would just be odd to see after over a year of punishing Psykers for trying to gear properly/being freaks of nature. It makes way more cosmic sense to force them through an unnecessary second layer of hurdles.

You’re a fellow Bolt Staff enjoyer?


Do you remember the days of wiggly bolt staff and infinite crits? Or was it infinite peril reduction? Or both?

It’s been too long. But I remember it was the glory days of bolt.

Those were the days.

I wonder if we will ever get a flamethrower (or a blessing for existing flamethrowers) that can put sticky flames on the floor.
The existing flamers already do it visually (for a short time) but those flames do not actually do anything.

Would be interesting, if we could put the floor on fire for a few seconds, causing any enemy walking through it, to get slowed and burned.

Alternatively, something similar to the Coruscation staff.

I think that we might never get a bolt staff.

Because the voidstrike already does something very similar to the bolt staff and the fireball staff.

That was the beam staff, wasn‘t it?
The „wigglemancer“.
Pyromancer (high crit chance) with beam staff primary fire and weapon trait (blessing) that grants ability charge per crit (which used to come without a cooldown).

The beam does barely any damage on the first tick, but you can wiggle it across a horde very quickly to get a lot of hits and almost instantly reset your ability cooldown.
Staying on a single target with the beam, would result in damage being applied with a normal tick rate, but i guess if you sweep over a horde, constantly providing a new target, that tickrate is circumvented, since the beam immediately hits any new target that it comes across.

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It was! Haven’t had my coffee yet.


Honestly I would prefer to see the current staves changed up a bit more before seeing new weapons (not to mention how big of a headache new weapons are in the current itemization system).

Stuff like:

  • Different left-click attacks
  • Interesting and functional blessing for both attacks
  • Different special attacks
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My favorite staff in VT2 was the Conflagration Staff - the one that leaves an AOE dot on the ground. Donno how viable that’d be in DT.

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Bolt Staff, Beam Staff comes to mind at first. A staff that would amplify/modify our Blitz would be also interesting.


That would be the coruscation staff.

The conflag staff is like a trauma staff with guaranteed application of soulblaze.

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Yeah, that one. Yep, that was my favorite. Coruscation. (what an odd word)

I don’t think Voidstrike can really be equaled to being Boltstaff, it’s much more similar to Fireball staff.

Boltstaff here should have the fast primary and the Charged be anti armour.

Beam staff I think won’t happen in the same way that it did in Vt2, because they realised that it was a pain to balance.

Instead I think it’ll get a primary that isn’t the beam (ideally the flame gust of the Purgatus), and a charged channeled beam that would be stronger than what the Vt2 version is.

As far as the current staves are concerned, I don’t really care much about the 3 staves having the same primary, and while I would like to see the special being freshened up, it’s not somewhere I see the need to have different ones for each staves.

Other staves that I’d want to see:


  • Put Surge into it, and make them share blessings.
  • Reworked Bolt Staff
  • Stormcage: primary same as Surge
    Charged being an AoE electric DoT that can be Channelled to continue longer (so dissipate after a few second after stopping channeling)
  • Arc Staff: Primary is a short range lighting wave
    Charged being a bigger version that slowly travel while applying electrical DoT before dissipating.
  • Hemorrhage: Primary being slower bolts of Warp energy that cause bleeds.
    Charged being an AoE that cause bleed to enemies in it.


  • Purgatus, sharing blessings.
  • Molten Beam: share primaries with Purgatus
    Charged being a channeled Beam attack.
  • Solar Staff: share primaries
    Charged being an AoE that can be Channelled to have it continue for longer.

Definitely looking forward to having to get the tier 4 blessings again on yet another staff!!!*

I like @Flawless’ idea of sticky flames. I think there’s something like that in DRG on the driller? (not sure, still levelling my first engineer!). Either on a staff, or on the zealot purgation flamer come to think of it. Might make more sense there mind you given how it’s a bit meh at the minute.

A “tremor” staff maybe as an option? Sends a shockwave through the ground in a long narrow v shape from the player and does large stagger, damage debuffs and possibly some minor rending (secondary fire). Primary fire is some kind of direct bolt?

I’m also still unhappy that smite is basically the surge staff of old and I for one would prefer the old staff mechanic back and a different blitz skill there. Shouting at the wall on that one though.
*(exclamations for sarcasm)

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I’ve been hoping for a kind of bolt staff for the longest time. Psykers haven’t gotten any new main weapons ever. Still stuck with the same stuff as on release. Meanwhile 8/10 blessings on Trauma either suck or don’t even work, and Purge & Surge both barely have the smallest handful of blessings to choose from with only 2 of them worth picking, so all 3 staves are basically always going to be built more or less the same way.

Since the class overhaul psykers have so many options to spec for AoE between Smite, Assail, Vent & Creeping flames, Illisi etc, yet they have no staves specialized in single target dmg. There’s literally a gaping hole there screaming to be filled with a nice single-target staff. :cry:

Are there any Gravity Warp abilities? Like manipulating a gravity field for CC?

We have received Illisi and Deimos blades.