Do we need the W40k tabletop point system do deal with the "OP" weapons?

I can see discussions about some specific weapons being more powerful or desirable quite often. I wonder if in the future Tide titles we would need the point system from the tabletop to address this without constant “nerf power sword/bolter/plasma” threads?

Some background:


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no. I want to see 90% of those complaining playing at Diff 5 with those “OP” weapons and how “ez win” it is or how OP those weapons are. If it’s so OP it shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Half that are complaining are those who can’t use them and that’s why they complain. We finally have (at least most, some still need love) great 40k weapons that feel like they should in 40k lore and people are unhappy. Once all will feel like wet noodle people will complain that Fatshark destroyed 40k weapons.

They will never be happy.

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Interesting idea but no I don’t think that is a very good option.

Balancing the weapons so that there isn’t a meta choice while keeping them all fun and in line with lore is going to take some time.

LOL god no. GW cant balance their game to save their life, it wont work here.

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A point system is not a silver bullet. It’s just yet another way of abstracting metrics about how powerful a weapon is, it would actually muddy the waters if anything I think.

We already have plenty of metrics to consider when balancing weapons; values in the actual game that actually mean something concrete about performance.