Dmg reduced by a third (slayer dual axes)

My dual axes dealt 1,750dmg per hit noncrit befor the patch (normal attack). Now they deal 1150.
Befor the patch i could kill most elites ( stormvermins berserkers ) with one charged attack ( which is with both weapons) or the “blockpush followed by overhead attack”
But now most of them need way more attention. (speaking mostly of champion )
While most other classes still oneshot them … and most of them in ranged combat. What is the use of a slayer if he isnt a very strong melee fighter ? =(

The patch reduced damage for every single weapon in the game afaik. And you answered your question already - only ranged classes can one-shot them (and executioner’s charge headshot ofc but it is quite a bit slower than axes). Ranged classes being better than slayer at killing elites have nothing to do with slayer not being a strong melee fighter and is another discussion entirely if they should be so good. Currently slayer is arguably the strongest melee fighter.

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i worked a little bit on my items. Got a little more dmg to infantry and stuff. Didnt bring that much, but its more often now that i oneshot elites again.

The question i see, that i didnt ask if his massive reduce hat to do with itempower “nerf” or what so ever.
And i dont see melees being strong, if they only push much or shove hordes around.

I mean the slayer is the incarnation of someone who is specialized on strong enemys =) He is a good melee. Yes you are right. But i had to many runs where i couldnt even reach most of the enemys because lets say sienna burns everything with her miracle " i can do everything" staff^^ But i just read, that there are severyl people thinking this weapon is to strong anyway.

Don’t worry. Devs have stated several times that they don’t intend to keep the ranged meta since this is meant to be a melee focused game. And beamstaff is definitely seeing a nerf. I don’t think that anybody can argue that it is not by far the strongest weapon in the game currently.
Speaking of Siennas on champion with beamstaff and 600 hero power just blasting everything away and making the game boring for everybody else since there is nothing left for you to kill, you could try moving to legend. Ranged classes can’t kill everything as fast because everything has much more hit points than on champion.

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good to hear ! ^^
And yeah for legend until now i dont have the right party for it :confused:

Your testing on dummies before and after patch has changed because training dummies now default to recruit and reflect the scaled down damage.

WTF ? Thats crazy. Good to know. May have overread that in the patchnotes :confused:
But its kind of stupid to… maybe people playing on higher difficulty trying more to get best out of gear and see stats and changes

Arguable? I can’t think of anything that can handle the situations slayer throws it’s way to in Legend. The only pain in the rear being that one talent is 100% mandatory and has to be taken on Legend. Hope they just move that over to a passive and free some stuff up

Out of curiosity, which one?

My guess would be “Oblivious to Pain” - Damage taken from one attack is reduced to 10 damage or half of its original value whichever is highest.

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With his lack of passives you’d imagine he has either that or the ability to limp around when downed like an ingame enemy slayer