Disconnercted from server Error code 1005

Issue Description:
Can’t login to servers for like a week with the same error everytime. Everything happened after i finished prologue. Now i just can’t play the game. Best buy 2022.

Error Displayed (If Applicable)


Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
Last one
[12/11/, 23:41 [+2]

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Console Log:
console-2022-12-07-19.27.28-d85c2e77-6893-438a-8395-708f6d6384fa.log (35.9 KB)
console-2022-12-07-19.49.15-0c63ccba-3ff8-45a8-ad71-9d742e174a2c.log (37.5 KB)
console-2022-12-10-20.38.50-890723f4-c246-44de-b5b5-e6a8597b83fe.log (48.1 KB)

Sorry to hear this - I’ll raise this with our developers.

Same thing, 1005, can’t go/join the mission.

Hi I had this 1005 error on my main pc at launch which made it unplayable, then after 2 weeks or so came back and didn’t have it anymore, but I was unable to join public games (I can only play private games with a friend, can’t even solo launch public games).

After the recent patch 1.0.20 which came in while I was playing with my friend, I suddenly could not connect to the server again and start to have the 1005 error again. I still can’t play up till now.

This is all weird because I can play on my other two computers, but it is very frustrating that it doesn’t work on my main pc…

dc’d mid match error 1005