Difficulty settings. More annoying than "hard"

So, coming to V2 from V1 and playing the beta, let me preface by saying I really enjoy a lot of V2, I think the re-balancing was a bit heavy handed, but i’ll get to that in a moment. I’ve put a lot of hours in with my crew and coming from v1 we have been super excited and had a great time playing the beta however with release we were all sitting at 600 power ready to dump on some legend, now champion has been reduced in difficulty and feels a lot more like v1 nightmare, I think this was a positive change that can help get players not only geared but also used to FF mechanics, however Legend is simply put not enjoyable, the difficulty implemented feels lazy and likely unplayable for most persons in the game. With the havy handed re balancing a lot of classes simply won’t be viable in this difficulty and what makes matters worse hordes still seem trivial, however the number of special spawns and the fact it feels like QoL’s stormvermin mutation at all times makes the gameplay feel more annoying than actually difficult. Coming from v1 where so many hours were dump you could learn to adapt and do true cata solos, 1v1 bosses, and ultimately have skill win over impossible odds, to whatever Legend currently is feels just terrible. A lot of the talents feel like they have little to no impact, such as huntsman / salts actives on anything difficult to kill, lack of item drops coupled with reduced viability of talents also hurts, not to mention the constant barrage of specials and waves during act boss encounters who already have pretty savage mechanics. Legend currently seems more agressive than doing hardcore achives in v1, but constantly and currently it is the only way to get Vet weapons which are pretty important considering they have perfect rolls and the stat reoll system in place at the moment is terrible.

Point is at max power with fairly well itemized gear, champion feels like a cakewalk while Legend seems perhaps not overturned, but poorly designed. If talents were nerfed less it would be perfectly reasonable in its current state imo.

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