Didn't get to claim some sort of reward?

I have no idea what, but something of Franz Lohner’s came up in a large box after my last match. It had a claim button but before I could click it, somebody else in the lobby triggered a match and it disappeared. I didn’t get to see what exactly it was… but it didn’t look like a cosmetic collectable or something, at least I didn’t see a boxed thumbnail in it, I only made out the “claim” button and something about Franz at the top of it… sorry my eyesight is crap lol.
And now whatever it was doesn’t come up again. So I’m posting my console log see if it’s in there and anyone knows… don’t wanna miss out on something lol.
console-2021-03-18-17.46.00-20de0f16-fe57-4d26-8adc-3d30e2db452c.log (64.1 KB) console-2021-03-18-16.58.32-531b50c8-685a-4263-b11e-0e5f47123042.log (1.1 MB)
console-2021-03-18-17.46.00-20de0f16-fe57-4d26-8adc-3d30e2db452c.log (64.1 KB) console-2021-03-18-16.58.32-531b50c8-685a-4263-b11e-0e5f47123042.log (1.1 MB)

Maybe you earned a commendation chest with a challenge? Those are simply added to the chests you earned to open. So if you already earned a few from levelling up it might not be obvious that you got it. From your description it’s hard to tell exactly what happened, though. What did you do before it popped up? Did you claim a challenge? Were you in a menu? The store?

We’d just returned to the lobby after a game. A large rectangular box, vertical, not horizontal like the “you earned a chest” etc. longer. It was full of writing under the title and the claim button was long and gold, but as I say I only focused on the Franz Lohner Something something in the title and immediately went to click the button. At this moment a team member accessed the map and pushed to start a mission, this closed the claim box so I left the lobby. I checked Okri’s challenges and had nothing new.

Uuuuuuh… I’m stumped what that was…

Do you own Winds of Magic and did you just complete Dark Omens for the first time, by any chance? I believe there was a pop-up after that about unlocking weaves, or something, but I don’t really remember. Other than that, I have no idea.

Did it look like this:

it keeps randomly popping up after I get numerous backend errors in a row. it’s been quite annoying.

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It sounds like what @Miche11eBe11e has posted above! This occurs when DLCs unintentionally “unlink” subsequently “relink” due to some convoluted witchery in our backend. Treats it like a new DLC and makes you think you’ve been awarded Shillings and other items you already had. It is annoying, and will be patched very soon!


Yep that was it. I had the bug a couple days back whereby my inventory reset and I lost all DLC weapons… steam reset sorted it. Cheers for the screen cap!

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ty so much! I initially didn’t know how to report it so kinda glad someone else had the same issue. glad to hear it’s getting patched soon :smiley:

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