Did you know? About obscure breakpoints

… and other specialized stuff you probably will never need or use. The idea of this thread is to be more light-hearted. It should not be about super-efficient tactics but more about bizarre applications which usually don’t appear in guides or normal forum talk. Examples of this would be super-specialized builds for weapon/active skill stagger breakpoints or active skill damage breakpoints, maybe even unusual item pick-up points in missions. Knowledge also doesn’t have to super obscure, something which is lesser known is okay too. In this sense let me start and check if the thread will gain any traction:

Unchained (Cataclysm): Did you know that …

  • … Living Bomb can stagger Chaos Warriors out of their overhead attack?
    Setup: https://www.ranaldsgift.com/15/213132/42,1,8,3/4,4,5,8/1,4,1/4,5,2/7,4,3
    This one is super-specialized. Not only do you need opportunist on the melee weapon, you also need the +20 % versus Chaos, Fuel to the Fire and also the five enemies around you to get the full power bonus for Fuel to the Fire. Not sure anymore if Enhanced Power is absolutely necessary. With this set-up you can revive even in the worst mixed hordes or stop a patrol for a moment in its track. As bonus the overall damage kills Skaven Slave Rats and Ungors simply through the explosion and following DoT.
  • … Living Bomb can even stagger Monsters?
    Setup: https://www.ranaldsgift.com/15/213132/42,1,8,3/4,4,5,8/1,4,1/4,5,2/7,4,3
    Given setup is identical to before, however you don’t necessarily need Enhanced Power of Fuel to the Fire. But with opportunist and +20 % versus Chaos you can stagger Rat Ogres, Chaos Spawns, Trolls and Minotaurs under the effect of a strenght potion. Stormfiends are more complicated. For one it seems you need at least +10 % versus Skaven. Additionally, Stormfiends are one of the very few enemies which spend time dicking around, not being in a continuous attack frenzy. As such during their reposition phases opportunist will not trigger, making them less suscessible against this stagger breakpoint.

Handmaiden (Cataclysm): Did you know that …

  • … dash can kill nearly all horde enemies (Skaven Slave Rats,Skaven Clan Rats, Ungors, Gors and Fanatics + Assassins)?
    Setup: https://www.ranaldsgift.com/8/233322/26,1,8,5/16,5,3,2/2,3,1/4,5,2/3,4,3
    You need to adjust the whole build towards the active skill with + 20 % versus Chaos, additional + 10 % versus Infantry AND Enhanced power (to kill Gors also). As bonus the setup can even kill Assassins by dashing through them. Marauder will stay alive with about 3 to 5 hitpoints which means that if you opt in for Focused Spirit (and under the assumption you are not being friendly fired) or for those brave enough to dash with the bow in their hands (and adjusted properties) you could even kill Marauders. In narrow spaces it is an absolute murder tool during hordes and especially helfpul if you have many shielded horde enemies. Minuspoint like so often is Handmaiden active skill is weirdly dependent on underground and timing because the DoT has an uncertainity of plus minus one tick depending on when or how you dash through an enemy during the active skill.

Do you have other examples of obscure game applications? If so, feel free to share. Or would you consider this common knowledge?


Shield pushing can stagger Plaguemonks out of their attack on Cata, by having opportunist and either having 20% power vs. and the 7% more power talent, or by simply having opportunist with ~25% power vs… Foot Knight’s improved stagger talent + opportunist alone is also good enough. Real useful to have in sections like the end of Old Haunts and such.

Foot Knight can also reach a breakpoint where his shield pushes can stagger a Chaos Warrior out of his overhead attack on Cata. However, you’d need to heavily invest with opportunist, more stagger talent, 7% power talent, and 30% or 40% power vs., I think. Whether that’s worth the investment might be debatable, but at least it’s really amusing.


For me the question is rather why?


Plague Monks

  • Swing an extra time on either of their combos if they hit you with their 3rd swing
  • Use an strong inward strike if you block or get hit by their second to last attack, otherwise they’ll use a weaker outward strike. The former causes high stamina damage while the latter does low stamina damage.

Weapons (Cataclysm)

  • With 7.07 cleave can cleave a second marauder (7.5 mass) if you have extra power from talents like enhanced power, unbridled strength, fiery faith, etc. (does not include power vs. properties) OR when hitting enemies staggered by an attack or push.
  • Oppurtunist alone can let flaming flail heavy 1 stagger a CW overhead for a good few seconds.

Am I allowed to necro my own thread? Yea, I think I totally are, at least as long as I have new informations.

Unchained (any difficulty): Did you know that …

  • … Searing Grasp has unlimited “cleave” and can be influenced by push angle properties?
    Recently, I wonder if I need Frenzied Flame on my Unchained build, so I changed my set-up from
    this: https://www.ranaldsgift.com/15/213132/42,1,8,3/4,4,5,8/1,4,1/4,5,2/7,4,3 to
    that: https://www.ranaldsgift.com/15/223132/42,1,8,3/4,4,5,8/1,4,1/4,5,2/7,4,3
    First off, I only miss the attack speed slightly. Nice to have but generally I wanted to test other options. Searing Grasp is one of the several overlooked talents. I still have to do some more testing but this will have to wait until after Sonnstill since I currently can’t spawn enemies in the keep >.< Anyway, checking in mission I came to the probably obvious results that Searing Grasp has a (probable weapon independent) radius of about 180 ° (most tests on Flail though). Adding Properties for + 30 % Push Angle can increase this significantly until only a small area in your back is unaffected. But yes, you can burn enemies in a 270+ ° radius if you want to. Best is that you can burn several dozen enemies at once. As such this is a talent which really shines if you are face to face with a horde (so in pressure situations) and is like this more effective the higher the difficulty. During hordes it also easily outdamages the benefit of Frenzied Flame. Additionally, the dot damage is obviously influenced by the power boost of Fuel to the Fire. So there is some nice synergy with that talent which temporarily increases the dot damage from 5 to 7 (on Marauders). And what I haven’t even tested are the synergies with Enfeebling Flames.
    Only downside so far is that the damage over time has only one single tic, so it is rather short. Also, I am not 100 % sure if the dot can be applied if another dot is already in effect. So it might lose some dps/effectiveness if coupled with Flame Sword. Also Stamina management is slightly difficult with Unchained. Hm, Searing Grasp might benefit best with the normal sword. Not my weapon of choice though.

This one was obvious, right? Anything you want to add?