Did lots of QoL stealthily make it into the latest patch?

So I can change character when the bubble is active, if host drops it automatically loads me back into the keep rather than loading my own new mission, and skipping the chests doesn’t skip the results screen. I have a suspicion there’s some tiny tweak to Convocation too as I’ve had a much improved success rate although this is just my hunch.

Any other little QoL stuff people have noticed made it through without getting a mention?


Interesting observations. Would love it if a Dev filled us in here.

Is it just me or do the reward images for weapons and such in the chest opening screen look different? Or am I just going mad?


Not sure if all of these below count as QoL, but they were undocumented, and I greatly appreciate them:

  1. Increased hordes deeds now work as intended.
  2. Increased specials deeds now work as intended.
  3. Bombs now deal more DMG on Cataclysm.
  4. RV’s ult can be exited and re-entered, and there is a clear outline showing where its AoE is.

I too thought that when I was opening chests, so it isn’t just you.


@Fatshark_Hedge this kind of thing should definitely be included in the patch notes as it’s things like this that are omitted that cause players to think things aren’t getting done.

I guess you can’t have patch notes twenty pages long, but it’s definitely good stuff!


It’s not that we omit them due to length but just… well actually I don’t know how they slip by.

Sometimes it will be a late change and the document I build notes from doesn’t get updated after those changes are rolled in to the update, buy that’s just one reason.

Sometimes it’s where we merge a separate project branch into our trunk. It’s how some versus items ended up in game (intentionally) undocumented such as kill feed updates.

There are other reasons and I’m not wise to them sadly.


Regardless if intended or not i enjoy this almost sneaky style of doing things.
Not only they did not announced any release date for the new class and then BAM heres an engineer, knock yourselves out.
then they hid in some long overdue fixes and improvements such as the host migration (almost) removal, the new kill feed, its like you go back into the game and things just feels better.

i hope one day they add new enemies but never say a word, imagine just doing business as usual and some unidentified hell spawn just starts deleting players left and right… a man can dream.

About the kill feed, if it’s really for Versus, can you instead of putting the pictures in the upper right corner, you make them slightly bigger and move them to the middle of the right hand screen? Not all of them, just the player vs player ones.

Just a simple QoL fix for those people who are used to the kill stats that pop up in other PvP games.

Tbh I think the pictures are better than the written ones :smiley:

Who wants to see this every 4sec:

xXSnip3r_H3dg3_420Xx just killed xXScrub_Ki113r_KrubzXx

^^^ old school call of duty style handles LOLOLOL

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It’s my dream to have this in-game.

Kitten: toxic gas rat main has killed you


Are these Versus changes being introduced now because a beta / release for it is coming soon ® ©

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Noticed a few you mentioned too RV ult radius super cool… but sadly see more old bugs and breaks return too. Like bots not responding to social wheel commands

Stuff like this little trap door being open in Righteous Stand, and the gates on the left being open at the last tome in Convocation. All really good touches.

Thats actually a social wheel problem, it requires you to try again until you see it popping on the chat.
Bots will only obey when its there, the problem is not the bot but the feature itself that got slightly unresponsive for unknown reasons.

“Hunter” Trait also refreshes witch each critical hit. I like.

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Huh. So there’s been good changes, too.
The only one I noticed was that there was no way for me to abort being migrated to a new host besides killing the process.


Wait was is not always like that? Damn can’t believe I never noticed.

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