Deimos and Illisi force sword have built-in deflector blessing

I was playing around with the two new force swords and noticed they blocked ranged damage even though i didn’t have the deflector blessing on either of them, but they can still roll with the blessing for additional block cost reduction. and the obscurus force sword does not have this luxury, it still only blocks ranged attacks if you have the deflector blessing.

however, instead of removing this intrinsic trait, i propose giving the obscurus force sword the same ability to block ranged attacks without any blessings and change deflector to have an entirely different effect.
for example, rename it to “reflector” and have blocked ranged damage redirected towards the attacker (or the crosshair) with the damage and/or stagger being amplified depending on the perk level, or perhaps have it so each blocked ranged attack has a % chance based on perk level to have the attack redirected

I think what would be more interesting and less potentially game-breaking, would be for a reworked “defelector” ability to absorb the energy of blocked ranged attack and store it up to a certain amount of energy that will be spent/unleased when you make a special attack with the sword. E.G, every 100 damage damage blocked adds a stack of +10% damage to the next attack. Stacks last 5 seconds.

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