Decimator not working

Issue Description:
Decimator trait isn’t gaining stacks. Trait description states it generates 1 stack per hit for more damage each stack, but each hit always deals the same damage as the first.

Steps to Reproduce:
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I tried testing out a “MkVII Tactical Axe” with the decimator trait, and found that damage never increased on subsequent hits. There is no (buff) indicator on the bottom left either for increasing stacks. I hit multiple enemy types in the psykhanium multiple times, and the damage was always the same as the first hit for both light and heavy attacks.

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Player ID:
[Steam ID/ Triggerhappy]

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
[12/10/2022, 11:30/PM] [PST]

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Hello Rainman! There is currently a bug that is affecting the Psykhanium, causing all blessings to disappear after swapping any weapon or curio. Could you repeat your testing while avoiding opening the weapon swap chest at all while in the Psykhanium?

I got it to work in the psyk, even after weapon-swapping. It consistently doesn’t proc the effect on the first hit; the second hit always has the same damage as the first, then damage starts to increase after the second hit. Not weapon-specific. I also tried on a different axe with a 5-stack variant of the trait, and it reaches maximum value by the 7th hit. Blocking resets stacks, as well as missing a swing (somewhat inconsistent however- may be the timing of the miss-to-hit, though it happens often enough, especially with slower swings). So, on top of the effect not proccing on the first hit, the effect doesn’t quite match the description. The description really ought to reflect the effect more accurately.

Aside from that, and I’ll post this in suggestions, but the trait itself is entirely overshadowed by “headtaker”, which I also tested to check if it’s exhibiting the same issue because it has similar functionality, and it appears to be working fine. My suggestion is to just replace decimator with headtaker considering that not only is it better than decimator in every way, it’s also working correctly.

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The update to the description is better, but it also needs to note the length of time that the trait is active for, and any actions other than light or heavy attacks loses all stacks. I don’t know why it can’t be made to function more simply.

The kicker is, is that it resets stacks inconsistently:

On a tactical axe, where the trait stacks up to 10, the stacks can be lost in a fraction of a second of not swinging, which is less time than it takes for the animation of the first strike of a combo to even begin to reset. On a combat axe, which has a 5 stack version of the trait, I can wait nearly a full second, almost until the animation is fully complete, before stacks are lost. In practice this means that a quick miss can reset the trait without the player knowing on one weapon, but it will still be active on another, creating unnecessary inconsistency in play. Just make it last 2s or something so push-attacks and reaction blocks don’t cancel it, and fits within the attack timings of either axe variant.

I also don’t know why they didn’t change it to work after the first hit. It’s anybody’s guess why it has to work after the second hit. My guess is that they couldn’t get it to work after the first hit by the patch, so they just changed the description to match the current behavior?

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No, can confirm from talking with the devs the first time around that it was always coded to be on consecutive hits, hence why it works differently from headtaker. The description was simply misleading.

That aside, everything you’re saying is valuable feedback! I’d suggest you make a thread in the Gameplay Feedback section, where it can be looked at by the appropriate eyes and have a better chance at making impact.

I just feel like that could be communicated more clearly in the description. Apparently it’s using the dev’s “chain” terminology (“Chain: Attacks have timed chain-windows so basically if you continuously keep attacking, chaining from one attack to another, you count as chaining. Chains start on the second attack in a row so any gains should be applied after that”).

If there was clearer communication within the game about what specific mechanics entail, then the description could mention “chain attacks” without incurring as much confusion. It’s really quite convoluted imho though, bc it appears to be the only trait to function in this manner.

Oh, and I did make a suggestion with the comparison to headtaker. I’ll add to it with what I wrote here.


Same problem with the ‘Shred’ blessing which activates on Repeated hits also. Not having a specified length of time or buff icon active really makes me wonder if I’m actually using it right, because it’s hard to quantify crit rate…

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