Decapitator blessing decreases damage

Issue Description:
Decapitator blessing bugged, rending decreases damage

Steps to Reproduce:

Without proccing Decapitator:

  1. Hit unarmored rager five times
  2. Hit armored rager, 370 damage
  3. Hit armored rager again, 370 damage

Procced Decapitator:

  1. One-shot Poxwalkers five times, rend is procced
  2. Hit armored rager 344 damage
  3. Hit armored rager again, 344 damage

Mission Name (If Applicable):
Meat grinder


Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

This happens with weapons that have +X% damage vs. armour types.

My Rumbler does 999 headshots to Crushers with the Heavyweight Feat, +20% carapace and Shattering Impact on the first hit.

Subsequent hits do less damage.

Ditto with Unyielding, which my Rumbler also has +20% against.