Darktides difficulty

yeah, but another big factor is that V2 and DT have different styles of reccource management.

In DT its much more attrition based,

  • HP that is lost can only be restored by a limited supply of heals.
  • corruption that can only be healed by map specific points.
  • chip dmg that prevents the full utilization of toughness
  • specials are allowed to do more but are less lethal
  • less dmg from enemies where the v2 equivalent would easily oneshot you (maulers, CW, SV, Monks, serks)

where as VT2 system is much more punishing but with inbuilt bounce back

  • specials can & need to be dealt with instantly
  • way higher dmg to players in melee from all sources
  • chip dmg is barely a thing only archers and sometimes a cossmap Rgunner does some.
  • theoretically infinite HP recovery in form of temp HP
    results in wipes rarely occurring due to lack of resources and much more to an overwhelming force of enemies
    but the attrition still plays a part because it makes harder situations easier

overall i would say DT often doesn’t give me the “dang we wouldn’t have lost if i played better”.
and feels more like, map didn’t give enough hp, hmm sucks next i guess.


That’s interesting. For me its the opposite. I almost always can see exactly where my teammates screwed up. (I’m joking!). I’m usually able to identify where any one of us made an error and it usually is something like getting split up from one another or not killing the horde fast enough or not realizing a special has someone right away.

Same noob mistakes people can do in V2. Like zealots dying with 3/3 nades and players in V2 not using potions and bombs. Or someone with a tunnel vision who is busy with bushing poxwalker/chaos slave so hard he can’t even hear and see anything around. It’s more a macro level mistakes, resource management and situation awareness and not specific to a Tide games.