Darktide Desync Ogryn

I have been playing only Ogryn now for around 15 hours in the pre-release. This desync occurs every game. This does not appear to be graphics related. Have steady 100+ FPS.


  • Occasionally during a match (usually once every couple of minutes) I begin to desync from the server.
  • For around 5-10 seconds I begin rubber banding and teleporting around.
  • Basically unplayable when this occurs. Causes me to slide off the map, client side shooting does not register during this time.
  • Ults/Shooting/Grenades appear to be infinitely thrown on the client, but not registered on the server.
  • Things I have exhausted:
  • Restart Router/Modem
  • Upgraded from 16GB ram to 64GB
  • Changed DNS
  • Used a VPN for grins
  • Reduced worker threads 18-> 10
  • Reduced Graphics settings to minimum
  • Disabled DLSS
  • Verified that I do not have packet loss/network problems outside of Darktide
  • Updated all drivers

This is only a problem in this game, I have had no issues with any other game.

*Intel 10850K
*64GB Ram
*RTX 3090

1gbps DL/25mbps upload

Please include your console logs, in addition to your darktide_launcher.log. Thank you!

Ogryns are so slow they desynch the game? I don’t doubt it.

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