"Damage Resistance (Bursters)" Only one trinket is in effect

“Damage Resistance (Bursters)” Only one trinket is in effect

Bursters throw flaming grenades, creating a flaming ground that lasts 10 seconds, on which the player loses life at a rate of 8X2 per second

When a player carries 1 “Damage Resistance (Bursters) 20 %”, 8X2 per second is reduced to 6.4X2 per second
(All damage resistance related to the game is calculated by multiplying the stack, for example, magic book resistance is 40 points of life deducted from each book, and then reduced at a rate of 1 drop every 10 seconds. If you bring 2 books and 3 20% spellbook resistance, the calculation: 2X40X(1-20%)X(1-20%)X(1-20%)= 40.96 and every 10 seconds to reduce 0.512 blood cap)

When a player carries 2 “Damage Resistance (Bursters) 20 %”, 8X2 per second is reduced to 6.4X2 per second.
(Strange, I carry two resistances, but still 6 points of damage per dot)

When the player carries 3 “Damage Resistance (Bursters) 20 %”, 8X2 per second is reduced to 6.4X2 per second
(Strange, I carry three resistances, but still do 6 damage per dot)

Did you mean Bombers? Bursters are the one that runs at you and dives in and self-destruct on you. Bombers are the ones that throw the grenades with the flames.

Not the guy who blew himself up with the bomb on his back, but the one who threw the incendiary bomb

The one who throws grenades is the Bomber. The grenades create a patch of fire on the ground. Bursters are the ones that self-destruct.

According to my tests, the “Damage Resistance (Bursters)” doesn’t actually have any resistance to the self-detonator enemys,aka bursters.
In fact, the effect it works on those thrown grenade flames, aka bombers.
So, these are two bugs, one text description error, and one effect itself cannot coexist in multiple.

Interesting how you could “test” a curio that literally doesn’t exist. There’s no such thing as whatever “burster resist” is supposed to be.

Learn to read. Can’t we get these people banned?

Because I use a different language version of the game, obviously copying from the darktide.gameslantern.com is most convenient if you don’t switch languages to see the English description text in game, and now that I switch the language version, it does now appear as a bomber, try to think about the various possible scenarios before blaming someone.

Here’s the thing, this trinket in our version of the game, it is called: “伤害抗性 (轰炸者)”, compared to the zh-CN version of the translation is even more confusing.
So I used the name on that site, relatively unified … maybe

It should just be removed.

The main threat of bomber is the instant delete of toughness anyway.

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