CTD every time I try to load into a character - replicated 37 times

  1. Try to log into any character
  2. On loading screen into hub
  3. Crash
    This crash has happened 37 times consecutively, have not been able to play since initial character creation session - making new characters, updating drivers/game/steam, verifying integrity of game files/flushing DNS/disabling firewall and anti-virus/ running as admin/optimization - I have tried all of this solutions with 0 success, game is completely and totally unplayable - occasionally I get a failed_handshake_timeout, but only 1/10 times

Requested info for thread attached

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Please include the crash report produced. Thank you!

console-2022-11-20-04.54.26-b6806e6c-63ce-4af1-8b6b-2c324f3801d5.log (52.0 KB)

GUID: 1ecf0a6b-2641-4531-9eb3-865bf91e8815
Log File:
Info Type:

I’ve added this to our database. Thank you!