Crowd control and tank characters feel useless

Crowd control and tank characters feel useless, and this for two reasons:

-“crowd enemies” are killed with one hit also from ranged pg. Choice weapon is the important thing (and this is ok), ma every ranged pg has a crowd control weapon;

-tanks can’t “taunt” enemies (just bardin’s active)… I know, pushing work, but just on “stupid” enemies… Should be a way also with armored special and boss.

I DON’T say that SINGLE pg is useless… but CERTAIN ROLES. For example: Footknight has a very nice super; damage resistance is good, but if i can’t focus bosses/elite (like CW) damage on me while teammates clean, i feel useless.
Another example: i clean up crowd as huntsman without problem… I don’t need that 15% power or attack speed (hitting three enemies) from Merchenary.


Uh, any chance to clean that post up a tad? I mean I understand what you’re trying to say (I think) but reading sentences like the one below is a bit hard.

“ma every ranged pg has a crowd control weapon;”

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Sorry, I have unconsciously used also my language words; anyway: “every character has weapons to crowd control”

Not sure what you´re getting at. When I play Sienna for example I love having a strong melee in front of me.
There are several crowd control options in the game and it is a huge benefit for the other careers.

Honestly, and I could be wrong, it just sounds like he misses the thrill of DPS level killing while tanking. But if a tank can also kill than there is no need for anything else stares at ironbreaker.

Well, I for one enjoy playing the ironbreaker. It’s a bummer that it doesn’t reflect on the score screen. But, when you can tie up entire waves with knockdowns and keep bosses tied up. I think what you should be focused on is ensuring that non-dps characters are rewarded for their, important, contribution.

you have to use smart positioning to tank, funnel rats into halways ect and have the tanky boi stand up front and start the butchery while buddies attack from behind, same mechanics as V1

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