Criticism of the class/talent system

To me it feels like you are ignoring all of the good aspects you gain for losing ranged weapon.
With proper setup you can pretty much destroy every elite (apart from chaos warrior) in couple hits while still having incredible horde clearing potential. Ironbreaker can never match the speed in which slayer can clear a room full of multiple types of trash and elite enemies with the only drawback of having to give that waystalker some extra sniping duty.

You really should give the career a other go because you are valuing damage reduction way too highly imo.

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Well no. Vermintide 1 had a bunch of item properties that all added uniqueand powerful abilities. Maybe not 100% balanced but balanced enough to swap out to different builds regularly.

I remember unique fun builds like poison drakefires or stagger builds to assist the team. Here it’s mostly about picking a set of abilities that brings you as close to god mode as possible and ignoring everything else.

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Really, there aren’t any. Ok yes you can swap out to a weapon like pickaxe and do insane damage, but practically a ranged weapon will kill anything that isn’t infantry in one or two shots or vise versa.

Having two melee weapons is just a gimmick and takes away your abilities to deal with enemies at a distance. That said I still play Slayer occasionally for amusement. The concept is fun but the way he’s balanced brings down the character.

Well then i’m not going to circle jerk this argument anymore other than to say i disagree and most of the community tends to think slayer is borderline broken along with zealot so take from that how you will.


This has bothered me since released.
I know its near impossible to perfectly balance through whole but vermintide however make little no sense on most and some are even broken beyond oblivion (zealot, axe & falchion and so on). Speaking of which this game only had an meta - melee and break point everything -. I do agree that beam staff pyromancer are badly broken but these days most heat ranged are literary unplayable. The more damage with staff less attack speed she grant makes her totally useless especially every ranged can perform better with some cost of ammunition. Point is, why there’re so many out-meta stuff and do fatshark ever realized?

LoL play some on the higher difficulty lvl than veteran and you will see how “useless” is parring and pushing. Honestly always ppl who not played long or only on low lvl have the most to say bad about mechanics etc.

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Well, I think I’m in the minority here but I actually think axe and falchion while god tier, isn’t as broken as people think it is. Have you ever used a crit focused rapier with swift slaying? You mash the button and everything around you dies with no effort.

Dual wield weapons in general are god tier as they have dodge count, movespeed and a high enough attack speed and stagger to loop enemies. This is where I feel Fatshark dropped the ball in terms of balance because the first game had real tradeoffs for using certain weapons. Here there are weapons with disadvantages and others with none. A&F definitely falls into this catagory but there are other weapons that are even more broken.

If you read what I actually said, I said “compared to Vermintide 1” and the in context of the push block radius talent. Making an Unchained build based on spamming blocks and shove is close to useless.

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You say this, then go on to say this,

A&F is the god tier of broken. Some of the highest damage in the game, the highest light attack damage. Some of the fastest base attack speed. A 25% bonus to dodge distance and dodge speed. Heavy attacks that hit like Dual daggers good heavy attack, they are extremely spamable. And to top it off, a 40% crit chance on push attack to keep that Swift slaying up permanently. This push attack then goes on to transition into two horizontal cleaves that 1 shot everything. The A&F can be built to 1 shot every mob in the game up to a mauler, the big chaos BDSM guys with axes.

I’m sorry man, but most of your comments are just blatantly wrong or misleading. The fact that nearly anyone with 1,000+ hours in game would disagree with you, should tell you something.


Yea I was read that. Also I was read that you compare V1 - game without skills with V2 -game with skills and talents. Which in itself is a meaningless comparison.
I simply speak about clear pushing and blocking. You told that this features are useless. I don’t agree with you and I suspect you have not played at a higher level of difficulty, where the correct use of these functions is a condition of survival.

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Well just to clear any confusion then @medusahead what difficulty do you actually play at ?

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Again, go back and read what I said clearly.

To spell it out:

  • Push block radius is a waste of a talent point
  • Pushing isn’t as strong as Vermintide 1 so there’s 0 point in wasting talent points to go beyond the default block and shove.
  • Offensive skills are a better use of talent points.

You’re deliberately misinterpreting the context of what I was actually saying.

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I think it’s a bit ridiculous to suggest that I’m not playing on Legend simply because my opinion on the balance is different.

If you have something constructive to add to the discussion please add it rather than assuming those you disagree with are simply bad at the game.

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Everything you have said would indicate you are playing on a lower difficulty… or at least have limited time in Legend or Modded realm difficulties to understand aspects of combat and other features.

Probably why he and everyone else is wondering.

If you think i was assuming something then apologies but clearly most of the arguments against you seem to be based around the idea that you are just a “veteran” player so if me asking for some clarification is a bad then then sigh.

I never meant you. I meant it as clarification towards the influx of outrage in the comments section.

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They just released the community survey results and it’s quite clear that Legend is too easy for most of the playerbase, but there is no QP in modded realm so people stay in the official realm.

What medusa said is quite accurate at legend. Blocking and pushing is time used not doing damage and since legend is quite easy you can just blaze through it with overwhelming dps. You can dodge and attack at the same time more efficient for killing, but of course sometimes you have to block and push.

I think people are getting stuck on the strong words you used like: “Pushing does absolutely nothing in this game” :smiley:

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Strangely enough, I was doing some Legend Onsalught with bots yesterday and two people QP’d into my game. Unsure if this was just recently added.

The reason Legend is so easy is because of how broken the class system is in my opinion.

Vermintide 2 is falling into Payday 2 syndrome where instead of making the game harder by properly balancing the classes, they just make the enemies harder. It just makes the gameplay more shallow instead of improving it.

The design philosophy of Vermintide 1 was much better. Good challenge comes from proper balancing, which is why they didn’t need to add a new difficulty for Vermintide 1.

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No man in your first post you clearly said:

Like I said, I suspect you don’t play on highest difficulty then veteran. I have over 700 hours in both games, you can always tell me more about them… :confused:

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