Critical Strikes should be "Applied" When it is Landed on the Target, Not Sart of the Attack

Currently, the critical is applied when the start of an attack. Not when the attack is actually landed on the target.

I think this is weird. I mean, think about it.

It is not sure the strike would be critical or not before the strike is actually landed on.

Most of other games does. Critical or not is calculated when it’s landed on the target. Not before.

So, I think the critical should be applied when it’s landed on the target.

When should be the “Crit” is applied?
  • When the “attack” is landed on the target
  • Same as now: Applied when the start of an attack

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Or they could just change the name to Critical Swing. Problem solved.

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Changing it the way you describe will not support the current cool special visual and sound effect that make a critical strike feel particularly powerful and satisfying.


Why? What use would this be?!

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I know your are joking or mocking, but that doesn’t solves anything. For that reason, the name should stay.

Yes, but also no.
Like you said, the crit is applied when you start an attack. So the swing is the critical bit, not the hit.

But on a slightly more serious note, this

seems like rather weak reason to change something that doesn’t need changing.


Third but hopefully still viable option:
I don’t care how crit is applied.


This is extremely nitpicky.


No other game has critical hits work without hitting a target. I never understood why it is the way it is in this game but it’s terrible.

Critical hits should always only trigger when you’re hitting a target.


In V2 criticals are calculated/activated as soon as the swing starts. This is to support the visual effect. For gameplay purposes it matters very little, but for visual purposes it gives us the addicting crit effect and sound. Of course, logically speaking, it doesn’t make sense for the crit to already be happening before it hits, but Fatshark wanted the swing itself to be satisfying before it landed. It’s a purposeful stylistic choice.

Personally, I’d like to be able to turn off the critical swing visual and audio effects in the settings or use a reduced version. On high crit rate careers (like WHC with the Rapier) it can be a bit overwhelming. A setting for blood effect intensity separate from particle quality would be very good too (and an option to just turn off the blood mist). Small things though.


Might go against the grain but I would rather have the guarantee critical applied on hit than on swing. Sure you get the cool woosh affect but it can miss.

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Just out of curiosity… what is so terrible about it compared to the “normal” way?


Personally I am fine how it is currently and just because its different in other games is not enough of a reason for me to change it. Maybe if there was more gameplay altering reason than just missing that 1 crit out of 100 then maybe.

I guess missing critical swings makes people feel unlucky and miserable. Not that it actually matters numerically - it is a perception bias anyway.


The shots, mate. The shots! There’s critical “shots” too!

I think that could be easily solved with just let the “impactful” effect sound comes out when critical is hit/landed on the target.

Wouldn’t be as dramatic w/o the pre-echo noise. Completely different aesthetics.
But I join the ranks of mates who do not get why this distinction is important to the gameplay at all.


Because, in current way how it works. The critical can be missed. It comes more closer when you using slow repeating rate of weapons or ranged weapons.

Lol the normal way is crits only apply when a target is hit, not with just using your weapon.

It’s only like this in Vermintide which, at least to me, makes no sense.

In other words, it should be impossible to critically hit the air.

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Yeah it bother me a little that critical strikes works like it does but at the same time i like the crit VFX, sadly i don’t think that it is possible to maintain this effect while making the crits counts only when hitting the target.
Only thing that really bother me its the talent that executes a garanteed crit on the fifth hit, sometimes i miss the target and be like “Noooo my sweet little crit :cry:”.

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