Crits and shield enemy

tbh shielded enemy makes no sense in this game.
i ask why u need ADS handgun to kill shield SV or marauder shield no one did give a plausible answer.(even crit shoot non ADS do nothing)
now another thing what makes no point is crit vs shield enemy.
look at this way any melee weapon stun CW on crit hit AND then when u crit SV shield or marauder shield u do nothing why is that?

from my vision of crit hit is like 2x harder than normal hit, like a charge hit, in a way of “double the dmg” and crit hit gives u more cleave.
so i dont understand why crit hit dont stun enemy on floor or brake the shield.

That’s not how I see a critical hit.
Critical hits are hits that simulate hitting a weak spot.
The reason I believe this is because of the general rule of thumb being a crit body hit is equal to a headshot non crit hit. Headshots and weakspots have the same damage multipliers on weapons.
When you crit enemies in the head/weakspot, the extra damage dealt is rarely amplified to a large extent.

When you strike a shield, there are no weak spots to hit, but you do benefit from the stagger increase, which makes them lower their shield “quicker”

The crit actually adds additional mass and helps you to drop his shield faster but it’s minuscule because the whole shield dropping thing is strange: Most fast weapons can open SVs in 3-5 light attacks while chaining heavy attacks on almost any weapon cannot open shieldvermin without said crit and the push follow ups are very different in efficiency from weapon to weapon. In the end there is a different trick to almost every weapon, including starting with a heavy attack or push+follow-up and then continue with light ones exploiting the attack chain in order to open a shieldvermin.

Especially the instant headshot protection and 180° angle are very strange. Why not 90° block angle and why can’t they have non supernatural reflexes? Lifting their shields to cover the head 0.3s after you aim for them if you are somewhere inside 90° in front of them.
They could have other strengths like being able to walk forward no matter how much ranged is incoming (flamers for example) and never opening to weak projectiles.
Or even patrol formations shielding the polearm pro. :wink:

Crits don’t follow any logic as you crit per strike not per enemy hit meaning you always it the weakspot of all enemies in front of you and that’s strange.


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