Crashing frequently since about a month ago


I’m at a loss for what to do. It seems every game about I crash out of it for an ezcheat.sys crash in a non-paged file (screenshot attached). This began about a month ago and I’ve scoured the forums for ANY and every kind of fix. I believe I’ve literally done about all I can. I haven’t hunted down previous device drivers but I really shouldn’t have to :frowning:

My motherboard is z370 HD3p-CF
G-Card - Nvidia Gforce GTX 1070TI
Bios: NV330MH.320
32gb ram
and… enough to meet all the requirements for this game.

I’ve attached my dump files in hopes that they may be of some assistance to a smarter-than me person on fixing whatever is going on with the game. Sadly, I really can’t play like this and it’s truly disheartening. I’ve got a great group of friends to play with too and I’d love to hop back in as soon as possible.

Anything at all that I can do to help fix this I absolutely will. A fatsharker can literally come over to my house and watch me crash for God’s sake.

Plz, plz halp.

!IMG_0012 ) 051320-28906-01.dmp (1.5 MB) 051620-28843-01.dmp (671.5 KB) 051620-31328-01.dmp (1.6 MB) 051720-28828-01.dmp (1.7 MB) 052320-28937-01.dmp (1.6 MB)

Sorry about this. I’ve passed the .dmp’s over to Easy Anti-Cheat, in hopes that they can advise on how to proceed with this.

I had the wrong screenshot attached of the BSOD, but please let me know if there are any steps I can take from Ezanticheat or yourselves

I have the exact problem. In fact, my PC just BSOD about a few mins ago.

I’m worried that the frequent BSODs will damage my system, so I’m just not going to play anymore until this is resolved.

I’ll be attaching my dump file in my own thread shortly

I’m worried about that too. I won’t play until this gets fixed. The BSODs are brutal.

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