Crashing everytime when equipping crossbow

I havent had any issues before but right now I started crashing everytime when I equip this crossbow (“Templars crossbow”)

It happens immediatly with the following errors.

Im not sure what wintab has to do with this. But I tryed to delete it, (I know its safe to do since, installing new graphic tablets require to do it sometimes)

Now that error is gone but the other error still remains.

Also, I have been playing this for few days already without any issues, and I havent installed any new programs or devices while ive owned vermintide 2. I Hope this can be sorted out cause this game is badass.

Hello there, I think I have the same Issue.

I swaped to a crossbow on Vicktor and the game crashed, restarted and tryed to reequip the same crossbow, the game crashed again.
Now the game crash everytime on start. (during the final loading)
I can’t play.

GUID: ad95bdea-1220-4e3a-bd2d-4bb49e9c1680
Log File:
Info Type:

I didn’t try anything else than steam’s “verify integrity of game files” and restarting many times of course.

Hopefully it will help.

To be honest, I made a FatShark account to make sure that the post gets boosted. Was playing with friends tonight and one of my friends was playing as Victor Saltzpyre, went to equip the bow and instant crash. He tried other things and has even validated his game, optimized the files as well, no issues. He put on something else with an illusion thinking that was the issue but it’s only the bow. Perhaps they will push a hotfix of some sort.

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I have the same problem. The only difference is that Vermintide crashes every time after the intro.

We hope to have this resolved soon, within the next couple of hours hopefully. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello again.
Seems the game is fixed for me.
I can happily kill rats again.
Thank you Sharky boys and girls.

Yes it works for me too and it got fixed under 24h, not bad.

same crash here
after putting a crossbow
after intro same crash

please help!

i wanna kill me some rats!

Sorry all, we’re aware this crash has resurfaced. It’ll be resolved within the hour.

For me the Problem is fixed.
Thanks for the fast help!

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