Crashes to report part(it's getting serious)

  1. Did a disk scan, fragmentation, and repair on my hard drive, did a full system scan with norton with no errors, and i did one with Malwarebytes and did a verification of game files, but i still get crashes.
  2. Tried launching the game today, was met with an error from anticheat in the top right corner, telling me if i was to try to play again, i would get put in lobbies with cheaters.
  3. After doing repairs, scans and such, i got met with these crashes. No launch made it to title screen.
    GUID: 216cabf5-e558-48eb-aa21-e598fdd073d0
    [Crash Link]:
    GUID: f5cd247c-ec11-40ab-8e5e-3cadab8bcebc
    [Crash Link]:
    GUID: 1b30a26f-0cd6-4a02-bf06-837cc705cc2d
    [Crash Link]:
    GUID: 9b7ece4b-2754-408b-a888-bba8612b0017
    [Crash Link]:
    GUID: aeb0c3a6-e662-4b5c-9a45-c71d0245e362
    [Crash Link]:
    GUID: 8621a720-9719-4398-a4bf-a57dc333a105
    [Crash Link]:

@FatsharkJulia I really need some help, i love this game too much

I cant say for certain but it might help fatshark find the problem if you upload some logs for them to peruse. The logs in question are found under :

Disk โ†’ user โ†’ username โ†’ appdata โ†’ roaming โ†’ fatshark โ†’ VT2

From here youยดd wana upload something like the 2 latest console logs and maybe the latest 2 Crash dumps as well.

Best of luck!

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There does not seem to be one specific cause for these crashes. But as you can see here, it looks like data corruption is your #1 problem:


Check your RAM health and speeds per:

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