Crashes. So many bloody Crashes

GUID: a7c4043a-f69f-4af5-a7aa-6aa9725030cd
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: scripts/network/network_transmit.lua:104: Failed to pack parameter 4 (10.5) as float [-10…10]

I’ve had this happen to me 4 times today. 3 times near the mid point of a game, and once before i even started a match. Not sure what nonsense is causing this but in all my time playing vermintide 2 I’ve had maybe 2 or 3 crashes. Now suddenly that more then doubles in a day? Have already tried restarting PC and reinstalling Vermintide 2, but after doing that i got the crash that happened before a game started so, that didnt help.

Sorry about this Stranger, I’ve alerted development of this issue.

I’d like to add that for me, it specifically happens in a matter of 5 minutes when I attempt to play Sienna as the Bright Wizard class with a Fireball staff when joined with another host, in-game or even only at Thalos keep. Might make it easier to reproduce the error; It’s pretty frustrating too since it bars me completely from playing that class.

Details for the chance that this is helpful:
Bright Wizard Sienna [300]

  • Voracious conjuring, World aflame, Rechannel, Soul Snare, Burnout,
  • Red Dagger (2 Stamina, 5% Crit, Resourceful combat) [300]
  • Orange Fireball staff (6.5% Infantry, 4% Crit, Thermal Equalizer) [300]
  • Red Necklace (20% Health, 30% Block, Healers Touch) [300]
  • Red Charm (20% Crit Power, 5% Attack Speed, Decanter) [300]
  • Orange Trinket (33% Curse, 5% Crit, Grenadier) [297]

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