Crashes on launcher

My V2 is crashing as soon as I try to load up the game.

I’ve verified my files, de-activated my antivirus (Windows Defender), set V2 to be ignored by my anti-virus.
I have WoM and the Grail Knight DLC and am running it through Steam.
Any help would be appreciated.

Most recent Crash log:

GUID: 65b10cfa-deb3-421c-b7ef-5c3fe78a3356
Log File:
Info Type:

Hmmm are any other errors displayed at any point, perhaps in the upper or lower right-hand corner?

Exactly same problem here, my last msg was:

GUID: 76c6c498-4708-4945-a44b-e2134bd237ff
Log File:
Info Type:

Please help

@Skie, unfortunately your Intel® HD Graphics 630 does not meet the minimum requirements.

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