Crash while attempting to leave match: scripts/game_state/state_ingame_running.lua:533: attempt to index local 'profile' (a nil value)

Playing Into the Next Legend as a client in a public lobby, when the team wiped. Instead of waiting to load into the host’s keep (or wait for the host migration if the host quits first), I left the match as soon as the last player died so I could join a new game faster. However, instead of loading into my keep like what usually happens, my game crashed: “scripts/game_state/state_ingame_running.lua:533: attempt to index local ‘profile’ (a nil value)”.

Crashify didn’t show up. I’m attaching the console log and crash dump.

Excerpt from the console log:

<<Lua Error>>scripts/game_state/state_ingame_running.lua:533: attempt to index local 'profile' (a nil value)<</Lua Error>>
<<Lua Stack>>  [1] scripts/game_state/state_ingame_running.lua:533: in function commit_complete_callback
  [2] scripts/managers/backend_playfab/playfab_mirror.lua:758: in function _check_current_commit
  [3] scripts/managers/backend_playfab/playfab_mirror.lua:717: in function update
  [4] ...pts/managers/backend_playfab/backend_manager_playfab.lua:426: in function update
  [5] scripts/game_state/state_ingame.lua:765: in function update
  [6] foundation/scripts/util/state_machine.lua:145: in function update
  [7] scripts/boot.lua:664: in function game_update
  [8] scripts/boot.lua:467:in function <scripts/boot.lua:465>
<</Lua Stack>>

console-2018-10-22-11.44.30-A7753418-9789-432B-9D23-2434 tried to leave match when team wiped into the nest legend.log (1.8 MB)

crash_dump-2018-10-22-11.44.30-A7753418-9789-432B-9D23-2434.dmp (435.9 KB)

This one should be resolved in our next patch. Thank you for your report, and apologies for the inconvenience.

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