Crash when someone swaps heroes while holding tab

This crash happens with both the new UI and old UI
console-2022-06-22-18.34.28-68e5dc4a-7d88-42a7-adda-f868913a3956.log (1.7 MB)
crash_dump-2022-06-22-18.34.28-68e5dc4a-7d88-42a7-adda-f868913a3956.dmp (665.8 KB)

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Are you playing in the ‘Modded’ realm here? I believe this may be mod-related.

No this happens in both Official and modded, with both the new and deprecated UI. If there’s a mod that causes this I’ll have to test which one could be causing this. I’d guess Numeric UI, not sure yet.

This crash was briefly fixed when the updated UI came out and later on reintroduced at some point.

thanks my issue has been fixed.