Crash when launching

GUID: e64d8d8d-67a4-4d12-9cee-d76d611c4d2d
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Started crashing 100% of the time since just an hour or so ago. I’d launch the game and the screen goes black directly after which the game crashes.

Verifying game files found 1 file but it didn’t help, verifying a second time doesn’t result in any problems detected. Tried changing settings in the launcher but that didn’t help either. Tried running EasyAntiCheat_Setup and let it repair but that didn’t help either.

I installed Parsec today nothing else changed since last time playing I think next to maybe a sneaky windows update.

I must ask, have you tried restarting your PC since the crashes started?

Restarting seems to fix the issue, Yesterday I updated gpu drivers and that fixed it, can’t remember whether I had restarted then, today the same issue again but restarting seems to fix it. I seem to be able to force the consistent crashing to occur if there is interest in this but for me the issue is not to bad if I just have to restart my pc every now and again.

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