Crash on start up!

Game crashes on startup, regardless of what I actually do.

Console log: console-2019-04-09-12.36.46-88360f5d-4e39-4215-b65b-1f5a6303faf7.log (63.0 KB)

Crash log: none

Edited Paging File to 4GB, fixed the problem

Pleased to hear upping the Page File helped. :slight_smile: Based on what’s in the console log, I can see you’re running 4GB of RAM, is that correct? I should warn you that our minimum RAM requirement is 6GB, so your performance may take a hit!

im playing 4GB since game release, not a single performance issue so far, 90% of the time my game is running 60 fps

Oh excellent, never mind then! :slight_smile:

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