Crash on Joining Lobby - Can't Freeze Unit

Had a series of crashes-to-desktop experienced by different players as we attempted to join each others’ lobbies. The error message was

<>foundation/scripts/util/error.lua:22: Can’t freeze unit of breed nil<</Lua Error>>

which I can only assume was related to the rat critters. Eventually we cycled through different hosts until we were all able to join someone without crashing. Happened a few times in succession, not sure if multiple logs help at all (they are included below).

console-2020-02-06-21.38.36-e1939f92-73b2-4061-87e2-87026675875d.log (988.3 KB)

console-2020-02-06-22.04.49-bff9419f-cc6e-4848-ab92-d63b41e7995f.log (263.5 KB)

console-2020-02-06-22.06.48-ebbc94b0-e5b2-4460-9cf9-b9415bfeabfe.log (259.2 KB)

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