Crash on joining game as a client: scripts/managers/game_mode/game_mode_manager.lua:217: bad argument #1 to 'Unit_get_data' (userdata expected, got nil)

I got a crash while attempting to join a game as a client. I saw the host’s chat log with the other clients while in the loading screen but I didn’t load into the host’s level or keep. Crashify didn’t show up. Console log states that the line where the game crashed was:
“scripts/managers/game_mode/game_mode_manager.lua:217: bad argument #1 to ‘Unit_get_data’ (userdata expected, got nil)”

Console log:
console-2018-12-11-14.44.49-EE8AF625-FFC6-4C0E-BB73-A85D crash on join.log (4.4 MB)

Crash dump:
crash_dump-2018-12-11-14.44.49-EE8AF625-FFC6-4C0E-BB73-A85D.dmp (467.9 KB)

This particular crash has been resolved internally and will be included in an upcoming patch. Thank you for reporting and apologies for the inconvenience.

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