Crash (during weave 2)

GUID: 9b348a35-9891-420c-9e5d-5e9fa70f4f6c
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: scripts/managers/network/game_network_manager.lua:1171: => index -107489920 is less than minimal index value 0

console-2021-06-10-09.51.41-46fd8d41-710e-48aa-b9e2-6d16043fe90e.log (492.3 KB)
crash_dump-2021-06-10-09.51.41-46fd8d41-710e-48aa-b9e2-6d16043fe90e.dmp (712.3 KB)

I’ve added this to our database for investigation, thanks Harridas!

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