Stack underflow in Scrips/manager/network/game_network_manager lua file

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GUID: 00438b00-9d68-4337-8b38-6c9303a33743
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[Script Error]: scripts/managers/network/game_network_manager.lua:1171: => index -1013973184 is less than minimal index value 0

stack underflow in this lua file, looks like line 1171 of the code.

was in the middle of a game (citadel of eternity) when crash happened

Ooh! It looks like this is related to the Bot Improvements - Combat mod. We don’t handle mod-related issues ourselves, so I encourage you to reach out to the mod author via the Steam Workshop page. :slight_smile:

[7] @scripts/mods/BotImprovements_Combat/BotImprovements_Combat.lua:8: in function hook_chain [8] @scripts/mods/vmf/modules/core/hooks.lua:180: in function update_brains

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