Crash during Rasknitt boss fight

crash_dump-2020-09-22-14.24.25-7651d661-8d5e-4f82-a015-e4cb7440653e.dmp (692.2 KB)

Not really much to report here… Deathrattler was shooting at me and i was up against a wall, maybe the barrage pushed me into it so hard the game crashed? Was using elf spear&shield.

Any chance you could upload the associated console log too please? :blush:

Oh shoot, sure can do!
console-2020-09-22-14.24.25-7651d661-8d5e-4f82-a015-e4cb7440653e.log (2.8 MB)
‘Deadlock while waiting on render thread detected’ is the important part, i guess.
My Ryzen 7 3700x should support the 13 threads chosen in the settings (they were chosen automatically), right? Any options i should change for better performance?

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