Crafting Update was fun for a bit, but probably leaving again

I’m only here for the gameplay. Every secondary system in slotsclick is a dissapointment and most of the actually cool weapons are inferior to a sharpened wedge on a stick.

Maybe they’ll dump a huge content patch on us but i doubt it. The game is hurting for variety.


Yeah, even if the systen stayed as bad as it is for me more classes would help so much. (As in subclasses like VT, character level equipment stays etc. etc.)

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I want to see more archetypes and more classes within those archetypes. The addition of as little as 2 new classes would probably be enough to significantly improve gameplay variety, just by adding to the possible permutations of player dynamics.

I’d love to see Arbites or Death Cult Assassin as a new Archetype.


Sort of mentioned this in another thread but man, the whole “Rejects” angle they went with feels so stupid now that we know the game’s story is basically nonexistent and the fact the player character was a convict is completely inconsequential to the plot. Now it just feels like an unnecessary limitation to the scope of new classes and gear we should expect.

Really hope FS just scraps the idea at some point so we don’t need to have “Kruber becomes Grail Knight” level justifications for any class that isn’t just a slightly different version of what already exists.


New classes would be nice, but the problem of adding new classes and not changing the current system, is that the siloing becomes progressively worse with each new class they release.


Honestly there’s two things that keep me invested past the 40K connection, and that’s a flamer and shotgun that feels closer to reality then any other version that I’ve played with in any video game. I was legit giddy when I hit something at range with the shotgun, and having a flamer that isn’t a meme weapon feels great.

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