Crafting red item against long bad luck

Well, shoud be a solution. If you have too much bad luck you could be able to craft a red item of your election with 300 or 500 pieces of crafting material.

Would’ve been nice if the quest system or deed system had a red token reward, then let players trade say… 10-15 of those for a random melee/ranged/accessory red or 20-25 for a specific one… Would incentivize doing them in the first place too.

Would also make lohner/olesya more interactive.

Plus that way you’ll feel more engaged with the systems and be able to focus items you actually want.

Plus I like the idea of getting a chaos/skaven officer badge or token of importance and being able to hand those in for a reward as in having proved your mettle to get something special.

That said my red droprates have improved but some people’s luck is so terrible.

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