Crafting: manually removing equipment from each career shouldn't still be a thing

I’m a “returning player” here; I stopped playing for a few months and came back because some of my friends picked up the game again.

I was surprised to find out you still have to go through the hero menu to switch to each career when you want to remove a piece of equipment you want to salvage.

This makes upgrading equipment so tedious!

Simple solution: let us salvage equipped gear and just auto-equip a replacement with the highest item power available on the other careers/characters that were using it.

Not as complex as a complete UI revamp, and it should remove most of the tedium of equipment management.

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This is not an idea I like. I’d rather not have the surprise of salvaging equipment to realize that the weapon I liked on this or that career got destroyed randomly.
I know you can favourite weapons, but that is unreliable (I just changed computer and had to refavourite everything for instance.)

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Heres a shocker: mark equipped items somehow in the inventory and give the option to unequip them (replacing with blueprints which are always available) from the main inventory screen without switching between the characters and careers.

Yeah, sure, that works too.

Well, if they did let us salvage equipped gear, I would expect:

  • equipped gear to be marked (like in other crafting options)
  • a warning prompt saying what career is using the gear before letting you salvage

Of course, a better solution is a change of UI to allow to manage gear without switching heroes. Something like what OrsonMaxwell is proposing.

However, that’s probably a bit more complicated to implement. Especially considering they haven’t done so yet since release.

There is no need for such a system outside of your first few hours in the game. You reach the item power cap very quickly and salvaging equipped items is no longer something you really have to do at that point. However, I think there already exists a very good solution to your problem, namely the UI Improvements mod. This mod is sanctioned by the developers, meaning that you can use it in the official realm. With it, you will be able to access the inventory and equipped gear of every hero & career at any time while in the keep, no matter what career you are playing, so it shouldn’t take more than a few clicks to remove that piece from everyone.


Just a shift+click or something like that to unequip an item on all careers should solve the problem without causing any accidents.

We don’t seem to have the same definition of a “few hours” because at 56 hours, I’m still not done leveling all careers and getting to level 300 gear! :smiley:

And a few of those hours were probably spent in the hero and inventory menus swapping gear. :wink:

Besides, just because it stops being an issue in the later game doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fixed to make the new player experience better.

However, thank you very much for mentioning that UI mod; I had no idea some mods were allowed on the official realm! I will definitely look into it.

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