Craftable Deeds

Can we please have craftable deeds. Thx.


This has been brought up since the release of the game, V2 is fatsharks current abandonware, the chance of them actually making changes to the game is slim to none. When they release a new game, the old one gets shelved and they ignore it.

Overhaul of the deed-system has been on their “to do list” since forever, but we all know that they are pushing for Sienna’s last carreer together with the second part of the new map to finally be done with VT2. They will have made good on their promise to support the game for at least 5 years, which will be due next spring. Once Sienna’s new carreer drops, they will call it a day.

It would be also nice to have the “Twins of Tzeentch” as new deed modifier :slight_smile: