Cosmetics that should be cross-character

A bionic eye that can be equipped on all three humans! Value for your hard-earned cash.

But… why can the eye be equipped on all 3 characters and not, say, the Excoriator’s Incense Rebreather (Zealot). It’s been leaked to be equippable on Veteran & Zealot. Is it because it’s… red?

Should just be for both, frankly. Weird restriction.


While I like it a loot that some cosmetics are cross-character (like the trinkets for weapons, weapon skins or the Spectus VI), they could do it with more stuff for sure.

Also, I would like to see prices like in Vermintide 2, meaning that a bundle is the sum of it’s parts and not like a 43% price increase if you buy the parts individually.

This would be a great step, too. I understand why it’s done - it’s the same model as say, siege, but.

if I want a coat and the two weapon skins, I end up paying more for cosmetics I’ll never use! Which sucks.